Sugar Cane Juice Guarapo de Caña

sugar cane juice panama

Sugar cane is one of Panama's must productive crops. Here on the Azuero peninsula, around the Divisa turn off to Chitre, sugar cane fields go on for  as far as the eye can see. Around David in Chiriqui, near Playa Barqueta, sugar cane is everywhere. Large tracts dominate the low lying flat areas. During harvest time it's common to see … [Read more...]

Festival Nacional de la Mejorana – Guarare, Panama


In 1949, Professor Manuel F. Zárate, a native of Guararé, realized that without careful preservation, over time the cultures of his beloved Panama could be lost.  Therefore he created la Festival Nacional de la Mejorana.  What is a Mejorana you ask?  It's a traditional Panamanian stringed instrument similar to the guitar.   This weeklong … [Read more...]

La Pollera, Festival Nacional de la Mejorana – Guararé Panama


The Pollera is the beautiful and greatly admired national dress of Panama.  There are many different stories of how the Pollera, which originated in Spain, made it's way to Panama.  The most popular is that it was adapted from a gypsy dress worn in Spain at the time of the conquest of Peru and brought to Panama by the servants of the … [Read more...]

Food and drink – Festival Nacional de la Mejorana – Guararé, Panama


What's a festival in Panama without yummy food and lots of drink!  La Festival Nacional de la Mejorana in Guararé is no exception.  Everywhere you turn there are different tastes and libations for you to try.  From shaved ice to sauages, fresh coconut juice to pop up shop rum stands!  If  you want it you can buy it.  And if you can't buy … [Read more...]

Street Style – Festival Nacional de la Mejorana – Guarare, Panama


Panamanians never disappoint when it comes to style and Festival Nacional de la Mejorana in Guarare, Panama was no exception.  It amazes me the obvious time and attention to detail that the men and women on the streets in Panama go to to get their look just right.   Fashion Week Panama is not just one week on the runways in the City. … [Read more...]

Ox Cart Parade, Festival Nacional de la Mejorana


One of the highlights and most attended events at LaFestival Nacional de la Mejorana in Guarare, Panama is the Ox Cart Parade. Parade floats pulled by Oxen (cows) make their way through the streets of Guarare.  The floats are sponsored and designed by organizations, towns and groups from all over Panama.  Some of them are topped with a … [Read more...]