Albrook Mall, Panama City, Panama

Albrook Mall, Panama City, Panama

Shopping.  It's meditative and uber personal for me.  It's something I like to do alone and for hours at a time.  Even if I don't buy anything.  Just being surrounded by the fabrics and the colors and the things.  It provides a peace for me. Even at the monstrosity that is the Albrook Mall.  There's a certain peace that comes from … [Read more...]

Street Style, Bocas del Toro, Panama Edition

Street Style, Bocas del Toro Edition

I couldn't help but have an impromptu photo shoot with this guy and his mom! Head to toe he was dressed in blue and white plaid. The best part of his outfit...HIS SMILE! He was so happy and so proud of his momma who had made the outfit just for him...even the shoe covers! LOVESIT! ~LAUREN … [Read more...]

Street Style – Pedasi, Panama – Niño’s Edition!

Street Style - Pedasi, Panama - Nino's Edition!

Two of my favorite things in the world are children and fashion and in Pedasi this weekend there were plenty of both! It was the annual "desfile de carretas and toros suelto en el parque" - which translates loosely to "annual folkloric festival topped off with bulls being let loose in the Pedasi town park".  (Read more about the … [Read more...]

Retail Therapy in Panama City, Boutique Regalos Cathy


After a long and relaxing week in Bocas del Toro I was in need of a little retail therapy.  Not without reason of course, I was having breakfast at the Trump and needed something a little dressier than a bikini and cut offs to wear.  I decided instead of hitting up the usual malls in Panama, I wanted to find a smaller boutique-y store. … [Read more...]

Traditional Kuna Yala Molas in San Blas, Panama.


The Mola is a traditional hand sewn fabric created by the women of the Kuna Yala.  The origins of the mola began as body painting but were eventually transfered onto fabric primarily through painting and later on through stitching.  Some of the oldest molas are dated between 150 and 170 years old. Traditional molas are designed with … [Read more...]

Street Style – Festival Nacional de la Mejorana – Guarare, Panama


Panamanians never disappoint when it comes to style and Festival Nacional de la Mejorana in Guarare, Panama was no exception.  It amazes me the obvious time and attention to detail that the men and women on the streets in Panama go to to get their look just right.   Fashion Week Panama is not just one week on the runways in the City. … [Read more...]

Street Style, David Panama Edition

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Anyone who knows me or has read anything I’ve written knows that I love fashion.  Since I flipped through my first French Vogue I was hooked.  High end to High Street, couture to vintage, hats, jewels, scarfs and bags...I love it all.  When a camera is in my hand I can’t help but snap all the beautiful, unique and, well, let’s say … [Read more...]

Moda Saks is Not the Same as Saks Fifth Ave.

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While wondering the el Dorado neighborhood of Panama City my heart skipped a beat when I saw a sign for Saks. My first thought was;  “Dang it! I left my SaksFirst card in the US!” Upon entering the store I quickly realized that this was not Saks Fifth Ave. It was Moda Saks.  If JCPenny and WalMart had a Panamanian love … [Read more...]