Navigating Government Offices in Panama

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Are you ready to live or work in Panama? If you are, be prepared to maneuver through bureaucracy, especially government bureaucracy. Sounds boring I know, but like must everything else in Panama for the foreign resident it can be quite an adventure. Here are a few rules to live by when making your way through the bureaucratic machine … [Read more...]

Anton Valley Hotel, El Valle, Panama

Anton Valley Hotel, El Valle, Panama

El Valle is one of my top five places in Panama.  On a recent trip I decided to stay at a different hotel.  Instead of finding a secluded place in or a the foot of the mountains, I stayed on the main drag at the Anton Valley Hotel. Located on the main street in el Valle just down the street from the Public Market, Anton Valley Hotel … [Read more...]

Playing in the Mud, Pozos Termales, El Valle, Panama


If you know me even a little you know I'm a sucker for a spa treatment.  I've visited and written about the Pozos Termales (hot springs) in El Valle before so I won't go into too much detail (click the previous links for specific information on how to get there and step by step instructions on what to do once you arrive).  This time my … [Read more...]

Chorro de Las Mozas, Waterfall El Valle Panama


El Valle has several waterfalls in the area.  The most accessible of them all is Chorro de Las Mozas, Waterfall of the Young Maidens.  Located on the original site where the prehistoric lake breached thus forming the beautiful cascades. Las Mozas, as it's known to the locals, is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.  To … [Read more...]

Pozos Termales, Hot Springs in El Valle, Panama


I've always been the kind of woman who enjoys a trip to the spa.  One of the many things that makes El Valle so great is the hot springs in the area.  Okay, perhaps to call them "hot" is a stretch, but they are definitely warm and I don't have hot water where I'm living so I'm not going to complain. You can easily walk to the hot … [Read more...]

Public Market in El Valle, Panama


The Public Market in El Valle is impossible to miss.  Located right in the middle of town in a beautiful, newly renovated, open air, covered building.  Sundays and Saturdays are the best days to visit the market as every stall is filled with vendors.  The public market will fulfill all your floral,  Panamanian crafts, baked goods, and … [Read more...]

Mario Bernal, Bird Watcher, El Valle, Panama


Mario Bernal is a naturalist by heart and an avid birder.  He has dedicated his life to studying the flora, fauna and natural beauty of  Panama. For many years he was a member of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and is widely considered the top guide for nature oriented tours in Panama.  Mario also leads an environmental … [Read more...]

Bruschetta Restaurant in El Valle.


Adjacent to the Anton Valley Hotel on the main street in El Valle, Bruschetta's serves a variety of foods.  From traditional Panamanian to fresh seafood and Italian.  The salads leave a vegetable loving girl wanting a little more but order the Greek with chicken and the piles of feta cheese, black olives, super ripe tomatoes and zesty … [Read more...]

Mon Petit Cafe, El Valle Panama


Mon Petit is a darling cafe on the right side of the road just as you enter El Valle.  Owned by a kind Frenchman named Sebastian who now calls El Valle his home.  Mon Petit has a great menu of quiche, tarts, salads, crepes and breads.  I had worked up an appetite meandering around El Nispero Zoo all morning so I ordered the Classico … [Read more...]

El Nispero Zoo in El Valle


El Nispero is a zoo regardless of what other guides and sites will tell you. In the beginning, El Nispero was primarily a plant nursery with several animals but thanks to an international animal exchange program the creatures at El Nispero are many and hail from the Americas, Asia, Mexico and even as far away as Madagascar. Of course … [Read more...]