Surf Lesson, Palmar, Panama

Palmar Surf Lesson

Recently a friend came for a quick visit with the primary goal of learning how to surf.  So we headed to Palmar, Panama on the Pacific Coast  The winds and waves all cooperated and he was able to get some good time in the water with a great instructor named Tiffany.  I have to be honest, I've never tried to surf...mainly because it looks … [Read more...]

Palmar Puppies! Palmar, Panama

Palmar Puppies, Palmar, Panama

I spent a couple of days on the beach in Palmar with my friend last week.  One of my favorite things to do was every morning take the pups for a swim in the Pacific.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, us or the dogs. Playa Palmar is a black sand beach on the Pacific Coast about one and a half hours outside of the city.  It's a small … [Read more...]

Rancho Los Toros, El Palmar, Panama

Rancho Los Toros, El Palmar, Panama

  Rancho Los Toros could more appropriately be called an oasis. Like a mirage in the middle of the desert Rancho Los Toros is totally unexpected.  Just past Coronado you take the turn off for a little town called Nance. A fee miles down the road and you'll find yourself at Rancho Los Toros. A compound made up of private … [Read more...]

Bay View Hotel El Palmar Panama

Bayview Stairs

While at the Discovery Surfing Talents kids contest at Playa Serena in Coronado, we stayed at the Bay View Hotel in el Palmar.  The hotel is on the waters edge of the Pacific Ocean.  There is a great restaurant, bar and pool located at the hotel.  The rooms are comfortable and the owners are a friendly Panamanian family that live right … [Read more...]