Panama Surf Trip – Mocca Point

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It was my inaugural surfing trip and boy was it a good one. A short walk down a rickety pier into what I can only imagine were crocodile infested waters. A paddle across the river and a quick jaunt down the beach to...another river. This one with currents. Another trip down the beach and we made it to our destination, Mocca Point. The … [Read more...]

Panama Produce

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While leaving David, back to Pedasi, I could not help but buy a bag of produce that was being offered road-side. Five bucks for about 15 pounds of fresh veggies from Cerro Punta, near Volcan. I could not believe how much produce there was for this price. Once I got home and cleaned the fresh vegetables to save in the fridge I could not … [Read more...]

El Tablado Restaurant Chiriqui

Panama Fried Fish

After a recent surf trip with family and friends near Playa la Barqueta I had the pleasure of eating at a great restaurant. My buddy recommended El Tablado, a Panamanian owned restaurant known for it's fresh fish plates. We all had the fried Dorado (Mahi Mahi). It was delicious and only $3.00 a plate. Mix in $0.75 cent beers with great … [Read more...]

Nancito Panama Chiriqui Archeological Site

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When driving through Chiriqui on your way to David, Playa la Barqueta, Boquete or Volcan a great place to stop for a moment is the small town of Nancito.  Nancito is located just after the check point at the border of the provinces of Chiriqui and Veraguas coming from Santiago.  There is a small sign and a bus stop marking the turn off up … [Read more...]

David Panama Hotel Alcala

David Hotel Alcala

Hotel Alcala is one of my favorite inexpensive hotels in David, Chiriqui.  The Alcala has clean comfortable rooms and one of the best restaurants in David. I have stayed at Hotel Alcala on five different occasions and eaten lunch there around twenty times while visiting and working in David.  I have not been let down yet.  The food, … [Read more...]

Playa La Barqueta Las Olas Resort

Playa la Barqueta, David, Panama, Resort, David

Playa Barqueta is known for it's powerful waves. It's not always the best surfing beach, the waves are generally to large and closing out. Though, like all beach breaks, at times it has it's moments when the conditions are right and the waves get good. The Las Olas Beach Resort is the only hotel on Playa la Barqueta. It's a large beach … [Read more...]

Street Style, David Panama Edition

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Anyone who knows me or has read anything I’ve written knows that I love fashion.  Since I flipped through my first French Vogue I was hooked.  High end to High Street, couture to vintage, hats, jewels, scarfs and bags...I love it all.  When a camera is in my hand I can’t help but snap all the beautiful, unique and, well, let’s say … [Read more...]

Parque Cervantes in David, Panama.

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Parque Cervantes in David, Panama is a prime place for people watching and being watched (more on that in a bit).  Named for the Spanish novelist, poet and playwright Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra most famously known for writing Don Quixote, Parque Cervantes is a great place to waste some time. Recently remodeled the park has an … [Read more...]