Chitre Panama Mustang “Negro Soy”

Chitre Stang

I see this Ford Mustang around Chitre almost every time I am in town running errands.  It's an interesting custom car that I just had to share. Custom yellow head lights, Hott sticker across back window, two antennas, four side mirrors, reflectors on the rims, custom air intake and rear spoiler, this owner has a unique taste, he's got … [Read more...]

Dominos Pizza Chitre Panama

Chitre Dominos

Dominos is available in Chitre for those interested in eating some american style delivery pizza. They are located just off the main road heading towards the baseball stadium near the gas station across from the Hotel Karla.  Like most international fast food franchises in Panama their price is nearly the same as back in the United … [Read more...]

Fiesta de Fiesta’s, Chitre, Panama


  A huge parade complete with bands, floats, beautiful women in beautiful costumes and so much crowd participation!  That about sums up the Fiesta de Fiesta's (Party of Parties!)  in Chitre we attended a few weeks ago.  When the Parade wasn't in full swing local musical acts and DJ's from across Panama kept the party going. In … [Read more...]

Fonda el Corotu Panama

los santos, chitre, las tablas, venao, tamales, sancocho, panama fonda el corotu

Between Chitre and Las Tablas, just outside of La Villa de Los Santos, is one of the best restaurants on the Azuero Peninsula for home style cooked Panamanian food. Panamanians love food cooked over a wood fire, they love the flavor it gives the dishes. I agree, it does taste better. The smoke and little bit of ash that mixes with the … [Read more...]

Department Stores in Panama – Madison

shopping, chitre

"Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping." After getting settled into my new house in Pedasi it was time to do a little "nesting."  The closest shopping center to Pedasi is about an hour away in Chitre.  The first stop was Madison which is like a JCPenny's on crack.  The first floor is all … [Read more...]

Chitre Car Wash

Car wash, panama, herrerera, chitre, poll mart

One of my favorite things in Panama is the abundance of car washes, almost every town has one, big towns have many. In Chitre there have to be at least twenty or more. I recently started going to one next to Poll Mart, a popular grocery in Chitre. I don't know if it has a name, but it is owned by a fellow named Eldwin and run by his … [Read more...]

La Arena de Chitre

Chitre, Panama, Herrera, Artist, Art, Market

Just north of Chitre, on the road to Divisa, is the small town of La Arena. La Arena is nationally known for it's hand made pottery and fresh bread. There are panaderias (bakeries) on nearly every corner in La Arena and between the panaderias there is probably a small family owned shop selling their hand made pottery and hammocks among … [Read more...]