Church in Boquete

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Like any good southern girl I just couldn’t help but find myself in church on Sunday.  From the park in Boquete you can hear the church bells ringing.  It was a small crowd of mostly adults with a lively bunch of youth gathering in the basement. The building is beautiful and the people are friendly.  Stop by on a Sunday or any other day … [Read more...]

Silver River. Azure Sky.

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Sometimes nature can just overwhelm you. "The water fall’s torrent dashes down three thousand feet from high, As if the Silver River fell from azure sky." Li Bai, 701-762 Waterfall.  Down the highway from David. Namaste, ~Lauren   … [Read more...]

Barber Style – Boquete Edition

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Panamanians pride them self in their appearance.  No matter where you go women and men are always dressed to the nines and impeccably groomed.  The beauty business is alive and well in all parts of Panama. On a recent stop in Boquete I couldn’t help but notice the “Ghetto Style” Barber shop and the building it was located in.  Upon … [Read more...]

Cafe Ruiz Coffee Tour Boquete Panama

Cafe Ruiz, Chiriqui, Coffee Tour

Boquete, Panama is known for it's internationally award winning coffee. One of the oldest coffee producers in Boquete is Cafe Ruiz. They have been in Boquete since 1920 producing great coffee. Cafe Ruiz has a great coffee tour. Lead by Carlos, a friendly Boquete local who worked his way from coffee picker laborer to perfect english … [Read more...]

Volcan Baru

Boquete, Chiriqui, David, Volcano

Volcan Baru in Chiriqui is almost solely visible in the mornings before being covered by clouds.  The past weekend while heading up to Boquete the sky was as clear as ever.  I took a moment to snap a shot before the clouds moved in.  You can see the huge gorges gouged out by ancient lava flows along the face.  It's claimed that the last … [Read more...]

Boquete Panama Kotowa Coffee Shop

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At the entrance of town in Boquete, Chiriqui, before dropping down the large hill into the valley, on the right hand side of the road is the Kotowa Coffee Shop. It's located in the corner of a large building, The Boquete Visitor Center, that also houses the office for the Tourist Ministry and Civil Protection for Boquete. It's a great … [Read more...]

Boquete Tree Trek Zip-LIne

Boquete Zip Line

I was fortunate to have good friends come down from Florida and visit me here in Panama.  They were nice enough to let me be their tour guide and pay my way to go do some of the tourist things available here in Panama.  Unlike most of my buddy's from back home, that always only want to surf and drink cheap beer, this crew wanted to … [Read more...]