Mr. Douglas Golden Grill Fast Food Bocas del Toro

panama fast food

Not to be confused with McDonalds, it’s called Mr. Douglas. Not the Golden Arches, this is the Golden Grill. Mr. Douglas is the Bocas del Toro version of fast food. I try to stay away from fast food as much as possible, but when traveling with hungry teenagers in Bocas that are tired of eating delicious foreign inspired cuisine, one has … [Read more...]

Isla Carenero Surf Bocas del Toro Panama

bocas del toro panama

Carenero is a collection of fun left reef breaks on the eastern side of Isla Carenero in Bocas del Toro. There are a few different peaks to choose from along the Carenero reef depending on the swell size.  Bigger the swell, more peaks. Smaller swell, less peaks. There is one peak that breaks out in front of the island on the far … [Read more...]

Paunch Surf Bocas del Toro Panama

panama surfing

Playa Paunch or Punch, depending on your native accent or what map you read is one of the more popular surf breaks in Bocas del Toro. Paunch is a reef break that has a few different peaks that break right and left. The left is popular for it’s large barrels when the swell is big. The wave can get very powerful, hence the name - … [Read more...]

Hotel el Limbo on the Sea Bocas del Toro Panama

hotel el limbo on the sea bocas del toro panama

As I right this article, relaxing on a leather couch over a hardwood floor built on pilings above the sea. The early morning rising sun reflects into my face, shimmering off the beautiful caribbean water thats only a few feet below me. Smooth hip semi-classical lounge music plays over the restaurant speakers. Colorfully painted water … [Read more...]

Almirante Ferry Bocas del Toro Panama

almirante ferry panama

Getting to the beautiful island chain of Bocas del Toro by car can be quite a task. But, if you have a car and plan on staying on Isla Colon for a extended length of time, it’s worth bringing the car over on the Almirante Ferry. Though must travel around Bocas island is by boat many times a car can come in handy. We recently spent a … [Read more...]

Pukalani Hostal Bocas del Toro Panama

panama hotel, hostal

Pukalani Hostal in gorgeous Bocas del Toro recently hosted the prize ceremonies for a surf competition held at playa Paunch. One of Panama’s surfing and sport store chains Super Deportes was the main sponsor of the event. We were in Bocas during the weekend of the contest so we decided to check out the finals and enjoy the winner … [Read more...]

Playa Bluff Lounge and Lodge Bocas del Toro Panama

playa bluff lodge hotel

Playa Bluff is located at the end of the beach road past popular Bocas del Toro surf breaks playa Paunch and Dumpers, it is known for being one of the most powerful beach breaks in Panama. Breaking close to the beach, the wave is short, fast and powerful. Destroyed surfboards and dislocated bones are not unheard of at playa Bluff. The … [Read more...]

Paki Point Bocas del Toro Pucha Garcia Calendar Signing

bocas del toro paki point

Bocas del Toro is full of unique places to enjoy good food and drinks. International flare has helped build today's Bocas del Toro and it's alive with creativity that's reflected in Bocas different businesses. Case point, Paki Point! Paki Point Restaurant and Bar is decorated with amazing caribbean style artwork. Paki's is right on the … [Read more...]

Bocas Bambu Beach Pucha Garcia Calendar Signing

bocas bambu beach restaurant

Bocas del Toro is a happening place and no where is more happening for dinner than Bocas Bambu Beach Restaurant. Located on the main street across from the Hotel Limbo on the Sea, Bocas Bambu is a great place to grab a delicious reasonably priced meal and enjoy some live entertainment. Open only for dinner, Bocas Bambu has a house … [Read more...]

Hotel Bocas del Toro, Panama

Hotel Bocas del Toro

The Hotel Bocas del Toro is directly on the main drag on Isla Colon.  The place went through extensive renovations in 2004 and the new owner and her staff are constantly striving to make improvements and make the place better. Although I didn’t stay at the Hotel Bocas del Toro I did visit the bar, which is one of the few bars in Bocas … [Read more...]