Palmar Puppies! Palmar, Panama

Palmar Puppies, Palmar, Panama

I spent a couple of days on the beach in Palmar with my friend last week.  One of my favorite things to do was every morning take the pups for a swim in the Pacific.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, us or the dogs. Playa Palmar is a black sand beach on the Pacific Coast about one and a half hours outside of the city.  It's a small … [Read more...]

Playa Panamaes, Pedasi Panama

azuero beach

Like many quiet beautiful beaches here in Panama, Playa Panamaes is at the end of the road. Only a short drive from Pedasi, Panamaes is near the small village of Destiladeros. The areas best luxury hotel, Villa Camila, is located in Destiladeros. Azueros, a high end neighborhood and Villa Romana, a great hotel, are located along … [Read more...]

First Pedasi Olympic Triathlon and Sprint, Playa Arenal, Panama

First Pedasi Olympic Triathlon and Sprint, Playa Arenal, Panama

I started off my day today with a quick jaunt to Playa Arenal to check out the First Pedasi Olympic Triathlon and Sprint.  This is the second triathlon of the season here in Panama that is valid for national ranking thus drawing professional competitors from all over the country. The athletes swim for 1500 meters, cycle for 40 … [Read more...]

Beaches, Boca Chica, Panama

Boca Chica Beach, Boca Brava, Panama

Getting to Boca Chica by utilizing the Panamanian bus system can be difficult but once you get there it is so worth it.  I spent a few days on the island of Boca Brava right off the coast of Boca Chica.  The days that I visited the beaches I was the only one there and the weather was perfection. Click through the gallery below to see … [Read more...]

Hiking in Boca Chica, Panama

Hiking in Boca Brava, Panama

I've said it before, I've always been a girl whose heart belongs near the ocean.  But the more time I spend in Panama the more I come to love the beauty and peacefulness that comes with hiking and being surrounded by trees and nature.  This is big step for me. Boca Chica has the best of both worlds.  You have to hike, to get to the … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Zen Moment, Isla Boca Brava, Boca Chica, Panama

Happy Monday friends!  I sure do hope you're week is starting off strong and on a positive note. But believe  me, sometimes, even here in the paradise that is Panama, we can come down with "a case of the Mondays".  So here's a little zen moment.  Just for you. Take a deep breath in, exhale it out,  listen to the ocean waves and will … [Read more...]

Lagart Point, Pedasi Beaches, Panama

Laggart Point, Pedasi, Panama

Lagart Point is another beach on the outskirts of Pedasi.  Follow the signs for Andromeda and when the road ends you are there. If you’re in Pedasi and you need a quiet place for a moment this is the perfect spot. Click through the gallery below to see what I saw! ~Lauren … [Read more...]

Playa Destiladeros, Panama

Playa Destiladeros, Panama

Playa Destiladeros is located where the road ends in Pedasi.  Head down the main road and go left a the fork when you get to Limon.  Over some bridges and through some woods and then, like I said, the road a beautiful and pristine Pacific Coast beach.  A friend and I spent a day on Destiladeros walking, swimming and picking up … [Read more...]

Pucha Garcia en Bocas

pucha garcia bocas del toro

During our recent "working vacation" in Bocas del Toro, the "working" part was Pucha being filmed for a couple short videos created by Erik Derman. It was not absolutely necessary for me to go, but it is Bocas del Toro during the swell season - so I had to go. It was a great trip! We got surf, explored the island and met a lot of great … [Read more...]

Pacific Coast, Fishing and the Freshest Catch Around, Pedasi, Panama

Pacific Coast, Fishing and the Freshest Catch Around, Pedasi, Panama

Being born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida I know and love fresh seafood.  So when the hankering for fish hit me I took a trip just down the road to Playa Arenal and waited for the boats to come in. Playa Arenal is the first beach you come to when driving through Pedasi.  Take a left at the filling station and follow the road … [Read more...]