Dim’s Hostal Pedasi

dims pedasi panama hotel

A little over three years ago I arrived in Panama for the first time. My destination, Pedasi Panama where my son lived. During my ten day stay I lived at Dim's Hostal. My son kept me busy taking me places and showing me the sights. Those memories I will always treasure. But when it was time to rest back to my little haven I went. Not … [Read more...]

Super Centro del Pueblo Pedasi

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FAT GIRLS GOTTA EAT!   And now there is another grocery store in Pedasi where you can grab a push basket and stroll down the aisles in your quest of things for the appetite. They have a great little cold cuts and cheese counter along with lots of vegetables and meats to choose from. I always buy my steak and chops here.  Much … [Read more...]

The Bakery Pedasi

Los Santos, Panama, Pastries, Fresh Bread, Dim's Hostel

Pining for Pizza in Pedasi At The Bakery you can find some really good pizza along with some other menu items, including fresh baked breads and soups, but you have got to check out the yummy pastries. It is located right on main street next to Dim's Hostel.       … [Read more...]

Pedasi Post Office

Post Man Pedasi

Yes there is a post office in Pedasi Panama and the Post Master, Jose Angel just happens to be my neighbor. Unlike the States mail is not delivered to your door (except the utility bills). However, if you have some important mail coming this way just drop by the Post Office and alert Jose and he will keep a special eye out for it. If you … [Read more...]

Pedasi Laundry Services

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If you are staying in a hotel or hostel you can usually make arrangements for launday services, but if you are one who likes to do your own, then Pedasi offers two laundromats. At the laundry mat located next to Aires del Mar mini-super by the gas station at the entrance of town you can drop off your dirty laundry for service and at … [Read more...]

Pedasi Tire Repair

Pedasi Tire Service

FLAT and TIRED IN PEDASI So you are here in Pedasi Los Santos Province Panama and you are having a grand old time, but then you find out you have a flat tire. Been there and done it.  Being a retired woman here it is always good to know that the Panama men will help in a flash to change a tire.  It is not that I do not know how … [Read more...]

Pedasi Tourist Center

Pedasi Tourist Center

This building called the Autoridad de Turismo is one of my favorites in Pedasi Panama.  I dropped in for tourist information on Pedasi and was given brochures and maps by a very congenial young lady and noticed that there was a lot of other interesting brochures referencing many locations in Panama.  Check it out when you are in … [Read more...]

Pedasi Fire Station

Bomberos Pedasi, Los Santos

FIRE!  FIRE!   NO FEAR HERE Well no fear in the comfort of knowing that Pedasi Panama has firemen, a firehouse and firetrucks. The Firehouse is called the CUARTEL DE BOMBEROS DE PEDASI: Quarters of the firemen of Pedasi. The day I visited for some photos while the Pedasi Fire Chief was sleeping, but I did get a snapshot of one of … [Read more...]

Pedasi Police Station

Pedasi Police Department

While driving and visiting around the country of Panama from Darien near the Columbia border to the Costa Rican border or just  enjoying the local festivities here in Pedasi, I have personally found the Police force of Panama to be extremely courteous, patient and helpful. It is a good feeling when walking about Pedasi to get a Buenos or … [Read more...]

Pedasi Liquor Store Distribuidora Libadi

Pedasi Spirits

LIQUOR FOR YOUR LIBACIOUS NEEDS.............   Yes there is a good Liquor Store in Pedasi.  After retiring in Panama and finding my home in Pedasi I wanted some cold beer. My favorite is a bottled Panamanian beer called Balboa. I discovered it's much more economical to buy it by the case, but alas I had not bought my car yet … [Read more...]