My Little Buddy Henry

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I just wanted to share one of my fond memories shortly after arrriving in Pedasi. I was just settled in my house and really needed to get to work in my small front yard. So I purchased the necessary garden tools, found some plants, started pulling weeds, digging up rocks and planting flowers. My neighbors and new friends would pop … [Read more...]

Colombian Marriage Proposals in Panama

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I had been here in Pedasi a few months and was getting a little bored. Retirement is wonderful, but after a while of not having much to do, I was running out of things to keep me occupied. I had planted flowers, painted the house, furnished it, baked home made bread and created recipes for pies with local tropical fruits. I was … [Read more...]

Language Hiccups in Panama. I am Hot or Oh baby I am so Hot!


I had anxiously awaited my first trip to Panama to visit my son. In preparation I had found a spanish language learning site online and grasped a few words. A friend had given me a language dictionary that was literally printed on a fan. When you opened it up, on one side was Spanish and the other side English. It fit nicely in my … [Read more...]

Your Name Is? House Painting and Romance in Pedasi

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I had just arrived in Panama and within a week was moving in to my new home. The first thing on the agenda was to have the house painted. My son hired two young men who were at my house everyday for six days painting away. Needless to say we developed some sort of rapport. Spanish is a bit tricky in the name department so I wrote their … [Read more...]

Pedasi Mini-Super Aires del Mar

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FOOD! What a happy day it was when I discovered the Mini Super Aires del Mar had opened in Pedasi Panama. My oh my what a thrill to walk through the aisles and discover long sought after food items and not have to drive to another town. Not only that, but the owners are happy to have your business and let you know it with a friendly … [Read more...]

Mama Fefa’s Restaurant Pedasi

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WHERE'S MY EGGS? A breakfast out in Pedasi Panama is a treat. So different from the standard American breakfast. However, sometimes you want those eggs and they are not so easily found in the true Panmanian restaurants. Well, Mama Fefa has them and she knows how to cook them. Along with those hojaldres (fried panamanian bread) … [Read more...]

Pedasi Real Estate

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If you are looking for property, there are several real estate offices in Pedasi Panama along Calle Centro. They can assist you infinding a vacant lot, an older house for refurbishing, a new house in a seaside development, acreage (hectares) condominiums etc. It is all here in Pedasi. If you want to get "out of town" there are beautiful … [Read more...]

Playa Arenal Ranchito Pedasi

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After moving to Pedasi and settling in, one of my first ventures with a local was to the beach of Playa Arenal. There (somewhat hidden) is a true Panamanian treasure. It is called the Ranchito. The Ranchito is operated by Lydia and Maglio along with help from other family members. There you can sit under the covered palm roof and enjoy a … [Read more...]

Pedasi Hardware Stores

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HARDWARE IN A HURRY As I have mentioned before in other articles, being a retired single woman in Pedasi can sometimes be interesting. A classic case for needing hardware in a hurry happened to me when my toilet handle broke. After having it repaired, replaced etc. twice before by a gentleman, I decided to take matters into my own … [Read more...]

Smiley’s Restaurant in Pedasi

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You just can not come to Pedasi and miss Smiley's Restaurant. Owned by an American and a sweet Panamanian, this couple have brought some of the best down home American atmosphere to Pedasi. Really good food including ribs, steaks and wings, cocktails and the live music is great. Tuesday and Friday night are the big music making nights, … [Read more...]