Pedasi Palms – Condo’s in Pedasi

pedasi palms

Growing up around the beautiful beaches of Perdido Key, Florida I can appreciate the convenience of condo style living. A few times in my life I have lived on or near the beach in a condominium. Want to take a quick dip in the pool yet not worry about keeping it clean, maintaining healthy ph, skimming leaves or vacuuming the bottom? … [Read more...]

First Pedasi Olympic Triathlon and Sprint, Playa Arenal, Panama

First Pedasi Olympic Triathlon and Sprint, Playa Arenal, Panama

I started off my day today with a quick jaunt to Playa Arenal to check out the First Pedasi Olympic Triathlon and Sprint.  This is the second triathlon of the season here in Panama that is valid for national ranking thus drawing professional competitors from all over the country. The athletes swim for 1500 meters, cycle for 40 … [Read more...]

Pacific Coast, Fishing and the Freshest Catch Around, Pedasi, Panama

Pacific Coast, Fishing and the Freshest Catch Around, Pedasi, Panama

Being born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida I know and love fresh seafood.  So when the hankering for fish hit me I took a trip just down the road to Playa Arenal and waited for the boats to come in. Playa Arenal is the first beach you come to when driving through Pedasi.  Take a left at the filling station and follow the road … [Read more...]

Playa El Arenal Volunteer Beach Clean Up Pedasi

playa arenal, beach clean up, limpieza de playa, isla iguana, whale watching, fishermen

Last saturday there was a volunteer beach clean up at Playa el Arenal, Pedasi.  Playa el Arenal is the launching point for Pedasi fishermen, tours to beautiful Isla Iguana and for area whale watching. The beach clean up was a big success.  The Pedasi Scouts showed up in full force along with a large group of local kids and many of the … [Read more...]

Playa Arenal Ranchito Pedasi

Playa Arenal, Pedasi, Los Santos, Isla Iguana, Beer, Food, Panama, Travel

After moving to Pedasi and settling in, one of my first ventures with a local was to the beach of Playa Arenal. There (somewhat hidden) is a true Panamanian treasure. It is called the Ranchito. The Ranchito is operated by Lydia and Maglio along with help from other family members. There you can sit under the covered palm roof and enjoy a … [Read more...]

Playa El Arenal Pedasi Isla Iguana

Isla Iguana from Playa Arenal

Playa Arenal is a small sandy beach boat mooring area in Pedasi where one catches boats to visit Isla Iguana, go whale watching, fishing or cruising. Most of the Pedasi captains make their living from a combination of touring and fishing out of playa Arenal.  Weekends are generally more busy with the Isla Iguana tours.  Down at the … [Read more...]